Our mission is to strengthen the media, promote awareness, and educate the Palestinian society in Israel in healthy practices.

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Welcome to Ilan Medical Center. We are a non-profit organization located in Nazareth, Israel.

Established by a group of Arab Palestinian physicians and academics, we aim to promote proper health and overall well-being.

In spite of Israel’s high quality of standards to health care, the health status of women in Israel is relatively poor. We are here to reduce the risks of conditions that are only increasing by the day. From vaginal itching, diabetes to the risk of break cancer, these three risks are extremely high in Israeli women.

Despite the fact that Israel is now becoming the world’s holder for the use of technologies in assisted reproduction, there is still a lack of information regarding the freedom to choices in reproduction. Today, we see that many people’s experience with the medical physicians is the lack of information, cooperation, and explanation – which devalues the patient.

That is why Ilan Medical Center is here to promote health, raise awareness and try our best efforts to improve the Israeli health care system. We focus on the concept of wellbeing and information that the country is lacking. As a unique NGO, we are working to promote comprehensive social chance in the health of Arab Palestinians who reside in Israel.

Through our mission, we focus on all aspects of health for men, women, and children in all areas of conflict, especially with the focus on reproductive and sexual health rights. We seek to provide accessible, research-based information about health in order to raise awareness, regardless of age, socio-economic status, and ethnicity throughout the entire region of Israel.

We aim to enable the people of Israel to protect and promote their own health care and well-being, not just for the benefit of themselves, but also for their families and the community. We provide our people with the latest information to help them make informed health choices.

Join us as we are looking for skillful volunteers who are ready to assist us with translations, communications, management, and more.