Our mission is to strengthen the media, promote awareness, and educate the Palestinian society in Israel in healthy practices.

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Useful Links

Want to be informed on all the latest issues in the Middle East? We’ve concluded a list of useful links and resources to help you get up to speed on health and the latest developments.

Al Monitor – http://www.al-monitor.com – Al Monitor offers a variety of views and opinions that surround the issues from journalists and analysts across the Middle East. The site covers all the latest news trends and is declared as a must-read. When you sign you, you will receive daily updates for free.

BBC Middle East – http://www.bbc.com/news/world/middle_east – BBC offers all the latest news and updates regarding the Middle East and around the world. You will find a ton of information on what’s going on with the government, local news, and what’s happening today.

Middle East Research and Information – http://merip.org/ – MERIP provides useful insight on regularly updated content with a broad list of issues and developments happening across the region.

Be Free Israel – http://bfree.org.il – As a strong movement with a mission to fight for the Israeli society, Be Free Israel practices religious and cultural pluralism, protects the rights of citizens, and holds the principles of Zionism and democracy. Since their beginning, they have been leading campaigns for the freedom of marriage, women’s segregation and local struggles.

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